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stī(e n.(1)
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(a) A path, lane, byway; a road; also in fig. context; chirche (market, milne, welle) ~, a path or lane leading to a church (market, mill, well); steiren forth ~, to ascend a path; taken ~, take a path or road, go by a path or road; (b) fig. a course of conduct, way of life; the course of someone's life; the course of action someone pursues; also, a guide to moral conduct; also, a method of working; (c) sparen ~ nor strete, to leave no path or road unsearched; spien strete and ~, spy out every route; also, in adverbial phrases: bi ~ and (bi) strete, bi strete(s and bi stie(s, bi weie and (bi) ~, by all routes, everywhere; bi ~ nor strete, by no way, not at all; (d) a detail, brief account; pl. the ins and outs of a story.