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step n.
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(a) A movement of the foot in walking, a step; -- also used of a horse's step; also, an act of taking a step; fot ~; (b) fig. of (a); folwen (seuen, etc.) stepes, to follow the example (of sb., someone's faith, etc.), take as a guide or model; also, follow the lead (of an animal); forsaken stepes, turn from (God's) guidance; wenden from stepes, stray from (someone's) practice or ways.
(a) A distance traversed by a step, a short distance; (b) a surface or space on which a step is taken; bi ~ and stalle, everywhere; (c) a unit of linear measure, approximately equal to two and a half feet.
(a) A mark or print of a person's or an animal's foot; a footprint of a man, an animal, or a bird, a track, trail; also fig.; fot ~ [see fot-step n. 1.(a)]; (b) the trace of something no longer present or intact; a vestige of a past condition; also, an imprint in a stone [3rd quot.]; (c) the mark left by an ulcer; a scar resulting from a wound, etc.; fot ~; (d) the trace of the presence or existence of sth., a person or his life, etc.; the indication or manifestation of a quality, condition, etc., vestige; (e) ?a sensory perception or impression.
(a) The sole of the foot; also, the foot; under the ~ of his fet, fig. under his power or rule; knelen at ~, to kneel at (someone's) feet; lien awaite upon his heles and stepes, fig. lie in ambush for him, ensnare him; (b) naut. the piece of timber on which the mast is fixed.
(a) A step in a stairway or flight of steps; (b) a stage in the scale of virtue or sin, in man's life or a soul's ascent to everlasting life, etc.; -- freq. in fig. uses of a step in a ladder; (c) an item in a series; a degree in a genealogy; (d) a class of persons.
Glossing OF escors, prob. by error.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place name [see Smith PNElem.2.142].

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. step.