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stalk(e n.(1)
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(a) The stalk of a plant; the trunk of a tree; also fig.; -- also coll.; a shoot of a vine [quot.: ?a1425(c1380)]; a piece of straw [quot.: c1390 CT.Rv.]; ?a reed [quot.: 1440]; on ~ and ston, at every turn, frequently; (b) the stem of a piece of fruit; a nut; (c) ?error for stak n.; ?error for stouke n.
(a) The shaft of a feather or quill; also, a feather [last quot.]; (b) the shaft of an arrow or other missile; (c) the stem of a table fork; (d) one of the uprights of a ladder.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1500 Hrl.2252 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2252) 81/34 : Take þi golde and gumme armonacke and grynde theym togeder, and temper hyt with vynegre, and putte them in a stelke, and wryte with them or draw.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 2.(a). New spelling (stelke).
    Note: ?Modify sense to include feather used for writing or drawing (with Lydg.HGS (Lnsd 699) quot.)