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spring n.
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(a) A spring, natural fountain; the source of a spring; a stream of water coming from a spring; also fig.; (b) ~ water, water from a spring; -- used fig.; ~ welle, a spring; also fig.; welle ~, q.v.; (c) the tide of the sea; ~ of the se, heigh ~; ~ flod, the high tide associated with the new moon and the full moon, spring tide; also fig.; (d) a source, beginning, an origin; a source or an origin of something; ~ and welle, the source, model.
(a) A twig, branch; also fig.; a switch or rod; vine ~, ?branches of a grapevine; (b) a shoot, sprout, or scion; a small tree, seedling, sapling; also in fig. context [last quot.]; also, offspring; an offspring; (c) a plantation of young trees, copse; new growth in a forest, undergrowth; (d) sprouting of the beard or pubic hair; nether berd ~; (e) ?a plant of the genus Euphorbia, spurge; ?error for sparage n.; ~ wort [OE spring-wyrt], prob. the wild caper or caper spurge Euphorbia lathyris; (f) the vernal season.
Sunrise, daybreak, dawn; ~ of (the, a) dai, dai(es ~; ~ of the dauninge, the beginning of dawn; ~ of ecate, the waxing of the moon; ~ of mone (bemes, the rising of the moon; ~ of the sonne, sunrise; also, the region where the sun rises, the east; sonne ~, the region where the sun rises.
(a) A leap; a lively dance; a dance tune; (b) a blow with a sword; also, a certain fencing stroke, ?a lunge; (c) a carbuncle, an ulcer, a pustule; (d) a clock spring; (e) a bird snare [cp. sprenge n. (b) & OHG springa trap].
As term of association: ~ of lecherie, a band of lechers; ~ of teles, a flock of teals.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PNElem.2.140].