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sparren v.(1)
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Note: Cp.speren v.(1).
(a) To lock; -- used in fig. context; (b) of a part of the body: to close up; also, refl. close itself; ~ after, of heaven: close behind (sb.).
(a) To shut (a door, gate, window, etc.), lock, bar; fig. lock (the heart); ~ to, bar (a door) against (sb.); also, close (a door) on (oneself); ~ unto, close (a door) on (oneself); (b) to close (one's eyes); ~ eres, shut (one's) ears, refuse to listen; also, prevent (sb.) from hearing [quot. c1450, 1st]; ~ herte, fig. harden (someone's) heart, prevent (sb.) from repenting; ~ lippes, close (one's) lips, be silent; ~ matris, close the womb; ~ mouth, close (someone's) mouth, prevent (sb.) from speaking; ~ purse, shut (someone's) purse, prevent (sb.) from giving; (c) to exclude (sth.); ~ oute, shut out (sb. or sth.), exclude; ~ to, close (heaven) to (sb.), bar (sb.) from (heaven); ~ unto, forbid entry to (a church) to (sb.); no linage was spared, no kinship was excluded (from marriage), consanguinity was no bar (to marriage).
(a) To enclose (sb. in a prison, cell, grave, etc.), confine; enclose (sth. in a container or in the earth); confine (heat in the ground); ppl. spared, imprisoned; (b) to conceal (sth.), hide.
To block (sth.); ~ up, stop (sth.) up.