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sǒuth adj.
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(a) Lying to the south; ?also, lying to the north [= borialis in quot. ?c1475, but prob. erron.]; ~ del (half, part, partie, side), the southern part or side; (b) ~ cercle, the Antarctic Circle; ~ dai, a day on which the south wind blows; ~ ende, the southern part of England; ~ line, the meridian; also, the upper half of a vertical line on an astrolabe [cp. line n.(1) 7.]; ~ mone, the moon when visible in the southern part of the sky; ~ orisonte, the portion of the line indicating the horizon which lies above the 90-degree arc of azimuth passing through the zenith; ~ pole; ~ sterre, a star or constellation supposed to lie above the south pole; ~ wind [OE sūþ-wind], the south wind, a wind from the south; ?also, a north wind, ?a wind toward the north [= borialis in quot. 1483, but prob. erron.]; ~ wort, the plant southernwood; (c) in names of peoples: ~ saxones (welsh); (d) in place names; (e) in surnames.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1288) Name in LuSE 79103 : Joh. del Suthus
  • Note: Additional quote(s)
    Note: Note from LuSE 79: OE suð + hus, 'southern house'. Cf. DBS s.n. Southouse, MELS s.n. Suthhus. May want to check sources (DBS and MELS) for the mentioned forms to see if they are needed for date in sense (e).
    Note: This quot. belongs to sense (e)--per MLL.