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sō̆r(e adj.(1)
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Note: Cp. sorel adj.
(a) Of a horse: reddish-brown; as noun: a sorrel horse; ~ bausand, a piebald sorrel horse; ~ grisel, a grayish sorrel horse; red ~, reddish-brown; also, a reddish-brown horse; (b) of a hawk in its first year that has not yet molted: reddish-brown in plumage; also, of a hawk's breast feathers: reddish-brown; (c) as noun: hunt. a buck in its fourth year; gret ~, a buck in its fifth year; (d) of a herring: reddish-brown in color from being smoked; (e) in surnames; ?also as surname [exx. may belong to sor(e adj.(2), but cp. sorel adj. (c)].