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smīlen v.
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(a) To assume an expression of amusement or pleasure, smile; ~ at (of), smile at (sth.), be pleased or amused by (sth.); (b) to assume a pleasant, kindly expression; wear a smile; ~ among, exchange smiles; ~ on (toward), smile at (sb.); ppl. smilinge, smiling; also, of facial expression: pleasant; (c) to assume or wear an expression of ironic amusement or satisfaction, usu. because of secret knowledge; ~ in myself (upon himself), smile to myself (himself); ~ stille, smile to oneself; (d) to assume an expression of disbelief, scorn, or deception; (e) of Fortune: to look with favor, be favorable; also, seem favorable; ~ on (upon); falsli ~; (f) of the sea: to be peaceful; of wine: be smooth.