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shọ̄n v.
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(a) To put shoes on (sb., oneself, a statue); provide (sb.) with shoes; also fig.; cover the feet of (sb. with sth.); also, cover (the feet with sth.); -- used fig.; hosen and ~; (b) ppl. shod, wearing shoes; furnished with or having shoes; shod in, of feet: covered with (silver shoes); also fig.; also, covered in (a particular way); -- used fig.; shod men, men with shoes on, dry-footed men; shod with, wearing (sandals); also, of feet: covered with (silver shoes); hosed and shod [see also hosen v.(b)]; wet shod, wearing wet shoes.
(a) To shoe (a horse); -- also without obj.; shoe (an animal with a horseshoe, gold, etc.); ~ upon, shoe (an animal with sth.); ppl. shod, shod; neue shod; roughe shod, roughshod; (b) of talons and claws: to cover (the feet of a bird); ppl. shod, of a horse's foot: covered (by the hoof).
(a) ppl. shod, of a stake, club, etc.: covered on the end, edge, etc. (with metal); of a shovel or fork: covered with metal on the edge, tip, etc.; iren shod, of a stake: tipped or shod with an iron band; (b) to fit (a cart) with iron tires; ppl. shod, of a cart: furnished with iron tires or with projecting studs on the tires.
(a) In proverbs; ~ the gos, to waste one's time; (b) in surnames.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450(a1415) Mirk Fest.(Cld A.2:Powell)121/27,28 : Þan þis man, for he saw þat Marke was pore and nedy and of sympul aray, hym þoȝthe þat hit was almus for to helpon hym, and toke hys schone to hym and began for to schewon hit. And os he schewod ful helte, be Goddys ordynaunce he wondud hymselfe in þe hande with his nalle greuoslyche.
  • Note: Editor's note: "schewon...schewod: Only α has this lexeme, with sowe (amende C) in the other MSS. MED records only the meaning 'to provide with shoes' (MED shon v. (a)), not, as here, 'to shoe, mend (shoes)'."
    Note: New sense.