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sessiǒun n.
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(a) A seat, bench; a place for sitting; (b) a session held by officials for the purpose of conferring or conducting business, an assembly; kepen sessiouns, to attend meetings; (c) a judicial session, session of a court, esp. one of the periodic sittings of the justices of the peace; -- also pl.; ~ dai; ~ of (the) pes; (d) a court of justice held in each county of Wales, presided over by itinerant judges; gret ~, an annual session of such a court; petit ~, a session of such a court held at more frequent intervals; (e) consistorie ~, a session of the court of a diocese for adjudication under canon law, a session of bishop's court.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • -?-(1474) Ordin.Househ.Pr.Edw.33* : Alsoe, that noe man presume to goe to sessyons or assizes…without the knowledge…of my Ladyes Councell, in payne of loosinge his service.
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