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beien v.
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Note: Cp. bǒuen.
(a) To bend (sth.), bow (the head), bend or flex (the back, knees, legs); refl. to bend, stoop, fall; (b) to turn or incline (one's ear, oneself) attentively; (c) to bend, give way, weaken.
(a) To humble (one's heart, mind, etc.); ~ (one's) herte, submit; (b) to obey (sb., sth.); ~ to, be obedient to, submit to, be attentive to.
To convert (sb. to a different faith); to change (one's mind, someone's heart).
(a) To send (sth. to sb.), send (sb. somewhere); ~ of, turn (sth.) away, cast off; ~ tosamen, draw (people) together, assemble; (b) to come, go; ~ awei, pass away, depart; ~ togeder, come together, meet.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1325 SLeg.Mich.(Corp-C 145)717 : A smal web biclippeþ it [the fetus] al aboute..in þe wombe, and ibud as an hare wanne he in forme liþ, for .. [hit] is somdel nare.
Note: Note spelling of p. ppl. (ibud), and make perhaps a slight addition to gloss of sense 1.(a), ppl. ibeȝede, ibuied, etc., 'curled up'.