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scrāpen v.
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Note: Cp. shrapen v.
(a) To remove (an outer layer, skin, etc.) with a scraping instrument; ~ awei (of); ~ oute of, remove (sth.) from (a place); (b) to make erasures; erase (writing, written material) with a knife or scraping tool; ~ awei (of, oute), erase (sth.); also fig.; ~ oute of, delete (sb.) from (the book of life); (c) to scrape the outside of (sth.), remove the outer layer from; ?also, grate (sth.); ppl. scraped as adj.: peeled; (d) to inscribe (writing); (e) ~ abouten, to rub (the teeth with the root of a plant).
(a) Of poultry or birds: to scratch with the claws; also, scratch at (sth.); (b) of animals: to paw the ground; scratch up earth with the claws; also, step (into water); (c) to scrape up (bark, moss onto sb.); (d) to scratch (a dog); also, scratch (a door) as a signal; (e) to lacerate (sb.), scratch; (f) to amass (goods), scrape together.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Add.37075 Gloss (Add 37075)105/348a : Crato, scalpere: to schrape and clawe.
  • Note: New spelling