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scǒuren v.(2)
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(a) To scour, polish; polish or scour (metal, a pot, etc.); furbish (armor); ?also, fig. of a day: be bright and clear [quot.: a1375]; ~ bright (clene, neue), make (sth.) bright (clean, new) by scouring or polishing; ~ on, scour (a plate), rub on; ppl. scoured, polished, scoured; (b) fig. to furbish spiritually; spiritually scour, cleanse, or furbish (oneself, sb., the soul, etc.); ~ from (of), scour (the soul, heart, one's conscience) of sin; (c) ?to wear (fetters) clean; ?have on (fetters); (d) to cleanse or scrub (entrails) by rubbing (with salt); scrub (whelks with water and salt); (e) to clean (clothing); (f) ppl. scouringe as adj., of medicine: able to cleanse a wound or sore of pus or other impurities; of food: able to cleanse the digestive system; (g) to clean out (a ditch, drain, privy); clear (a way); -- used fig.; ~ from, clear (a pit) of (sth.); -- used fig.; (h) to rid (a place of an enemy); (i) to scour away (rust, filth); also fig.; ~ awei; -- also without obj.; ~ oute, scour (sth.) out (of sth.); -- used fig.; (j) to get rid of (an enemy); (k) to rub (a horse); (l) to beat (sb.), whip; also fig.; maken ~, cause (sb.) to be beaten; also, ppl. scoured as adj.: whipped, beaten; (m) ?= scouren v.(1)(b).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 StJ-C.B.15 Artist.Recipes (StJ-C B.15) 213/11 : Tak a wel skored basyn, and wete it oueral with gleyre and lete it stonde in the sunne to drye.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense (a). New spelling (ppl.) skored.