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Sarasī̆n(e n.(1)
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(a) A Turk; also, an Arab; also, a Moslem; -- often with ref. to the Crusades; ~ hed, the head of a Saracen; (b) a heathen, pagan; an infidel; (c) as a type of non-Christian; ~ or jeu, jeu and (or, other) ~, paien and ~, painimes and sarasines, sarasines and (ne) jeues, etc.; (d) the language of the Saracens; (e) one of the pagan invaders of England, esp. a Dane or Saxon (in some cases associated with infidels from other places, vaguely conceived [1st quot.]); -- also coll.; (f) a member of a non-Hebrew tribe, esp. a desert nomad; -- also coll.; (g) pagandom; -- ?= Sarasine n.(2); (h) sarasines flesh, mummy, a substance taken from embalmed corpses; brouet sarasines, a stew of some kind [cp. Sarasin adj.(b) & Sarasinesse n.(b)]; (i) in surnames; (j) sarasines hed, the name of an inn or alehouse.