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rō̆ten adj.
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(a) Of an animal substance: in a state of decomposition or putrefaction; of a corpse or part of a dead body: putrid, rotted; of a hide: in a state of disintegration, rotten; (b) of a vegetable substance: decayed, rotted; withered; of fruit: spoiled, rotten; also fig.; (c) of water: filthy, foul; of air: pestilent; (d) of earth, soil: extremely soft, friable; full of decayed matter; (e) in a state of disintegration, falling apart, disintegrating; (f) ~ win, bad wine; also, ?vinegar [quot.: ?a1450].
Med.: (a) Of flesh, bone, a humor, blood, etc.: putrid, festering; of a wound, an ulcer, etc.: suppurating; of a tooth: decayed, rotted; (b) of a sheep: afflicted with the rot; (c) ~ blod, menstrual blood; flux of ~ blod, ~ blod flouings, menstruation; (d) as noun: the process of decay [1st quot.]; also, putrid matter.
Fig.: (a) Of a person: aged, past the prime of life; (b) morally or spiritually corrupt, wicked; ~ herted, thoroughly corrupt.
(a) Foul, filthy; also fig.; (b) destroyed, ruined; ben made ~, waxen ~.
In surnames and place name [see Smith PNElem.2. 88].

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Note: Med., etc. (sense 1.(b)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. rotten blood.