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reuen v.(1)
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(a) To regret (sth., how sth. happens); -- also refl.; be embarrassed or shamed by (sth.) [quot.: c1395]; grieve (to do sth.); ~ res, regret (an action, esp. a rash action); (b) to feel regret, be sorry; also, be upset, be disturbed [quots.: c1325, a1438]; ~ of (on), be sorry about (sth.); -- also refl.; ~ of res; (c) to be regretted; to ~, unfortunate, regrettable; (d) to be grievous, unpleasant; grieve (sb.), vex, displease; also, move (sb.) to pity [some quots. may be impers.]; (e) impers. hit) me (you, thi-self, etc.) reueth, I (you, etc.) feel regret, feel aggrieved; hit) me (him, etc.) reueth, I (he, etc.) regret(s (sth., that sth. is the case); som hit reueth, some are sorry or grieved; reueth him (theim) his (their) res.
Theol.: (a) To be penitent for sins, repent; ppl. reuand as noun: one who repents, a penitent; (b) to be penitent for (sin), repent (that evil was done); also, do penance for (sth.); -- also refl.; (c) to stimulate repentance in (sb.), make (sb.) penitent [some quots. may be impers.]; (d) impers. me reueth, I repent; also, I repent (of sin); hit me reueth, I repent (that I sinned); him reueth, he repents; also, he repents (of sin, that he sinned); hire reueth of hire-self, she repents; him reueth of his res, he repents of his rash act.
(a) To feel pity, be compassionate; have pity for (sb., his distress), weep over; have pity on (souls, someone's life); ppl. reuand as adj.: compassionate; (b) ~ of (on), to feel pity for (sb., oneself, someone's distress); have pity on (sb.); ~ upon, feel pity for (sb., oneself, distress); also, feel pity in response to (a tale, long-suffering); of Roland was to ~, Roland was in a pitiable condition; (c) impers. hit reueth, it is pitiable, distressing; hit) reueth him, etc., he feels pity, etc.; (d) impers. hem reueth, they feel pity for (the king's children); me (him) reueth of, I (he) feel(s sorry for (sb., his injuries, a calamity), I (he) have (has) pity for; me reueth for, I feel pity for (sb.).
(a) Of God, Christ: to be merciful; be merciful to (sb.); take pity on (youth); also, impers. him reued, he relented; (b) of God, his mercy, Christ, the Virgin Mary: ~ o (of, on, upon), to have mercy or pity on (sb., a soul, etc.).
?To sympathize with (sb.).
In proverbs and prov. expressions.