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reprẹ̄ve n.
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(a) Shame, disgrace, dishonor; with gret ~, shamefully; (b) ben (lien) in ~, to be in disgrace, be despised or rejected; don ~, cause disgrace; don ~ to, cause disgrace to (sb. or sth.), dishonor or insult (sb.), treat (sb.) shamefully: haven in ~, despise (sb.); putten (to) ~, yeven in-to ~, put (sb.) to shame, disgrace (sb.); (c) to his (oure, thi) ~, til their ~, to his (our, etc.) shame; to ~ of (to), to the disgrace of (sb. or sth.); (d) verbal abuse, slander; an insult, a taunt; also, blasphemy; seien ~; to ~ of, as a slander against (sb.); given ~ to, to defy (sb.), challenge; (e) contemptuous or ill treatment, persecution; harm, trouble, injury; suffren ~; oute of ~, unharmed.
(a) Blame, censure, condemnation; accusation, complaint; in cpd.: ~ worthi, deserving censure; (b) putten at ~, to put (sb.) at fault, accuse (sb.); putten in (with) ~ to, charge (sth.) against (sb.), accuse (sb.) of (sth.); putten ~ to, accuse (sb. or sth.), reproach (sb.); putten to ~, rebuke someone (because sth. is so); seien ~ to, blame (sth.); yeven ~, scold; (c) an expression of blame; a reproach, rebuke, reprimand; one of the Reproaches from the Good Friday Liturgy; (d) in (on, up) peine of ~, under pain of censure; in (the) ~ of, in condemnation of (sb. or sth.); withouten ~, blameless; also, faultlessly; don in-to ~ to, to make (sth.) a ground for reproof of (sb.); (e) punishment, chastisement; also, a living example of chastisement [1st quot.]; (f) contempt; also, mockery; ben don in-to (mad in) ~, to become an object of mockery.
(a) A blameworthy person, thing, or action; an object of scorn; ben in ~ of, to be a rebuke to (sb.); ben in-to ~, serve as a reproach or disgrace; (b) a source of shame, cause for blame; hit is ~, it is disgraceful (to do sth., that sth. is so, if sth. happens); hit is ~ to, it is disgraceful to (sb. to do sth.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450 ALacrim.(Bod 423)p.225 : The Iewes…claue And perced his hert with false repreue, And ay were prest him to depraue.
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