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remedī(e n.
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(a) Relief from distress, trouble, pain, etc., help, alleviation; a remedy for a situation, means of relief; means of evading a difficulty, solution, recourse; alternative; bi ~ of, by means of; in ~ of, for relief from (sorrow), as a cure for (imperfection); withouten ~, without hope of relief; don ~, to put matters right; don ~ to, provide relief for (a condition); (b) don (maken, ordeinen, putten, shapen) ~, to devise a plan or solution; provide a means of relief; don no ~, do no good, be of no use; (c) in proverbs and prov. expressions; (d) the ~ of love, remedies of love (ovid), Ovid's Remedia Amoris; also [quot.: c1387-95], ?means of relief for lovers; ?means of contraception or abortion.
Legal redress or recourse; official relief from an injustice; also fig.; don (setten) ~, to provide legal or official redress.
(a) A means of counteracting sin or evil; a remedy for a specific vice, temptation, etc.; (b) deliverance from sin or damnation, salvation; also, a means of hope or redemption; ~ of sinnes, expiation of sins; ~ of sinneres, salvation of sinners; don (ordeinen) ~, to devise a means of salvation.
Med. & surg. A medical remedy, cure; medical means of relief, medicament; method of treatment; curative power; don (no) ~, to effect a (no) cure; don remedies to, give medicines to (sb.).
A period of relaxation or recreation.
A permissible deviation allowance in the minting of coins, tolerance.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. remedy.