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prē̆sse n.
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(a) A crowd, throng, company, an assembly; also, the assembling or gathering of a crowd; also, a group of things; (b) amid (among(es, in, in middes) ~, among or in a crowd; into ~, in among a crowd; oute of ~, out from a crowd; with ~, accompanied by or in the presence of a crowd; don oute of~, to remove (sb.) from a crowd; (c) pride in ~, noble appearance in a crowd; proud in (of) ~, splendid in the throng; (d) putten in ~, to come forward in a crowd, exert oneself, take action; bring forward (a complaint), present; exhibit (one's muse); exert (one's mental powers); (e) refl. putten in ~, to put oneself forward, enter into the crowd; exert oneself, take action; endeavor (to do sth.); undertake, strive; put oneself forward (to do sth.); putten in ~ toward, press towards (sth.); putten in ~ unto dongeon, endeavor to go to a dungeon; (f) in ~, in public; comen in ~, to become known.
(a) A military host, an army, an expedition; (b) a throng of combatants on one side in battle; (c) the combatants on both sides in battle or tournament; the thick or press of combat; a battle, war; ben in ~, to be fighting [quot.: MOTest.]; (d) breiden (lepen, priken) into ~, forth priken in ~, riden in ~, to rush or charge into battle; escapen (flen) from ~, flee from battle; (e) putten in ~, to put (an army) into combat; refl. throw oneself, themselves, etc., into the fight; enter the thick of combat, advance to attack; also fig.; (f) proud in (on) ~, valiant in battle, brave in combat; preved in ~, ?tested in battle; beren pris in ~, to be the best in combat; (g) a throng of hostile people or assailants.
(a) A large number of multitude; crowded conditions caused by the presence of a multitude; oute of ~, away from the multitude; haven ~, to have a host of lovers; (b) in ~, in abundance.
(a) The crowding and pushing together of a crowd; the massing together of worms on a corpse; maken ~, to throng around (sb.); (b) the pressing of a violent crowd or a throng of assailants.
The society or companionship of people; from ~ of, away from the companionship of (people); withouten ~, unaccompanied, alone; withouten ~ of, unaccompanied by (sb.).
(a) Pressure of business; urgency, haste, bustle; eagerness, ardor; (b) the approach or pressure of war; (c) at ~, when tested or proven; holden ~ to, to exert pressure on (sb.); putten in ~, place (sb.) in a critical situation.
(a) Trouble, difficulty, hardship; oppression, tribulation; turmoil; world of (o) ~, difficult life; for ~, because of hardship; on ~, over a difficult matter; holden ~, to act oppressively; (b) maken ~, to make a commotion, raise an uproar.
(a) Something used to exert pressure or weigh down, a press; also, pressure [quot.: (?1440)]; also, a device for pressing or stretching cloth; holden in ~, to keep (sb.) subject to pressure; leien in (on) ~, curl (the hair); (b) a press for expressing juice from grapes, oil from olives, etc.; a wine press, oil press, etc.; also fig.; appel ~, a cider press; chese ~, ?an apparatus for compacting and expressing whey from curds; mustard ~, ?an apparatus for extracting oil from mustard seed; win ~, a wine press; also, a screw of a screw press [quot.: *MS Wel.564]; ~ hous, a building containing a cider press.
A cabinet, closet, chest, etc. for clothes, books, etc.; a clothespress; also fig.; ~ cheste, a chest; ?a clothespress; leien in (on) ~, to lay (sth.) aside, put away; lien in (o, on) ~, remain out of sight, stay away.
Surg. A fold of cloth, tow, etc.; a pad.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. press.