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pilten v.
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(a) To thrust, push, strike; thrust in [quot.: c1330(?a1300)]; strike (sb. or sth.), strike down; push away; of the wind: buffet (sth.); ~ on, beat (sb.); ~ with wo, afflict (sb.) with woe; (b) to cast (sb.) down, humble, render abject; ~ loue; (c) ~ abak, to thrust (sb.) back; ~ a)doun, cast (sb. or sth.) down, thrust down; ~ ayen, of a blow: rebound (upon sb.); ~ biforen, thrust (an arm) in front of a blow; ~ forth, thrust (sth.) forward, impel (sb.) forward with blows; also, refl. assert oneself, thrust oneself forward, advance; ~ ful, fill (sth.); ~ in, thrust in, thrust (sth.) in, push in; ~ oute, thrust (sb.) out; poke out (one's head, finger); expel (sb.); put out (an eye), blind; ~ up, thrust up (one's shield); (d) ~ ayen, to push against (sb.), bar the way against; ~ in (into, on), cast (sb. or sth.) into (sth., a place, condition); thrust (sth.) into (sth.); ~ (oute) of, expel (sb.) from (a place, position, condition, etc.), deprive of; ~ oute of, remove (sb.) from (a dangerous situation, torment); ~ oute, release (sb.) from prison; ~ over wommen, have intercourse with women; ~ to, thrust (sth.) at (sth.), drive (sb.) to (hell); ~ to ded, strike (sb.) mortally, put to death; ~ thurgh, thrust (sth.) through (sth.); (e) to incite (sb.), induce; ~ to deth, refl. deliver oneself to death; ~ to the flight, refl. flee; (f) ~ with, to put (a stone), cast.
(a) To place (sth.), put; ~ in, place (sb. or sth.) in (sth.); administer (medicine) to (sb.); establish (sb.) in (an office); name (sb.) in (an indictment); affix (sth.) to (sth.); also, refl. put oneself in (danger); ~ in hope, cause (sb.) to be hopeful; ~ in rode (..upon, put (Christ) on the cross; ~ upon, place (sth.) on (sth.); (b) ~ on, to impose (a battle) on (sb.); impute (guilt, blame) to (sb.); ~ on hed, lay (sth.) to (one's) account, hold (sb.) responsible for (sth.); (c) ~ to resoun, to call (sb.) to account, require an explanation from; ~ to wille, subdue (sth.) to (one's) will; (d) ben pult in, to be conceived in (sb.).
(a) To extend (one's mouth, neck), reach forward with; ~ forth; ~ at, ?reach toward or for (sth.); ~ to, reach (one's hand) to (sth.), point (one's finger) at (sth.); ~ hond to, intervene in (a situation); (b) ~ oute, exhibit (pride), display; ~ forth, make public (a statement, story), proclaim.
In phrases: ~ in, to devote (one's life) to (sth.); ~ to, refl. apply oneself to (sth.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400 PPl.Z (Bod 851)1.64 : For pruyde that hym pulte out, ys peyne hath non ende, Ant apostata of that place ant pelourof hette.
Note: perh. modify gloss

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400 PPl.Z (Bod 851)7.182 : Ant Perus was prowd thereof ant pulte hem in offisus, Ant yaf hem mete ant mone as they myghte disserue.
Note: Additional quote(s). Rigg gloss: push; = sense 1.(c).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1486 Sln.Bk.Hawking (Sln 3488)143 : And after þe bathing set hure on þe faire gresse, oþer on a faire perke in þe son, and then she wol prwne hure and pilth hure.
Note: New form.
Note: Gloss. Apparently a reflexive variant of pullen v., sense 1.(b), 'of a bird, to pluck out its feathers.'