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pẹ̄ple n.
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(a) Persons, human beings, men and women; -- also pl.; gret (muche) ~, many people [see also muche adj. 2. (b)]; congregacioun of ~, a crowd of people; (b) the general public, everyone, all people; -- also pl.; commune ~; (c) mankind, people in general; (d) some unspecified persons, people.
(a) The people belonging to a certain place, the inhabitants of a city or region; (b) a group or company of people; those present at a feast, church service, etc.; an assemblage; gret (muche) ~, a large group of people; (c) a crowd, a mob; -- also pl.; gret (muche) ~.
(a) The subjects of a king or lord; also used of bees;-also pl.; treu lege ~; (b) the chosen people of God, i.e., Christians and OT Jews, esp. the virtuous; goddes (Cristes) ~, ~ of god, ~ of purchasinge; (c) the members of a certain religious or philosophical sect; those preserving the relics and cult of a saint; also, the devotees of certain gods; ointed ~, (God's) anointed followers, i.e., ministers of religion.
(a) Military forces, troops, soldiers; a band of troops, an army; gret (muche, muchel) ~, a great army, a numerous force; (b) a king's household retainers; the retinue or followers of a queen or noble lady.
(a) The lower classes, the masses, the populace; the laboring class [sometimes difficult to distinguish from 2. (b) & 3.(a)]; commune ~; the peples grace, favour (wille) of the ~, popular favor, the good will of the people; peples voice (speche), voice of the ~, popular opinion; the peples grettest voice, the greatest popular good will; (b) eccl. the laity, as set off from the clergy.
(a) A nation, tribe; a community, type or race of people; also used of ants; ebraik ~, ~ ebraik (of ebreies); ~ of israel; ~ of (out of) perse; ~ of egipcienes; ~ of (the) jeues; ~ of saxones; ~ troglodite; troien ~; etc.; (b) pl. the races of mankind, nations; the gentiles; in (al) peples, among all nations.