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penne n.
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(a) A feather, plume; also, plumage; (b) pl. wings; fig. the pennes of wind (windes), the wings of the wind; (c) anat. a lobe of the liver or the lungs.
(a) The hard hollow stem at the base of a feather, used as a tube for various purposes; a quill; also, the whole shaft of a feather; gos ~; (b) a pipe, conduit, tube.
(a) A writing instrument; a pen; also a pencil, stylus; also fig.; ~ ful, a penful; ~ clerk, one able to write, but not fully educated; writinge ~; pennes ord, ~ point, the tip or point of a pen; (b) fig. writing ability, literary skill, style or quality; also, an author; (c) in phrases: ~ and inke, inke and ~, ~ and inke-horn, ~ and parchemin, ~ and inke and parchemin; with ~ ne point.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. pen.