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pak(e n.
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(a) A bundle or package; a bundle of cloth, moss, skins, merchandise, etc.; also, pl. baggage [quot.: (a1393)]; also fig.; ~ mailed, a tied bundle; priken in a ~, to pin (sth.) up in a bundle; (b) a burden carried by man or beast, a load; also fig.; hors and ~, horse and rider.
A bag or pack for carrying things; a money-bag, purse; also, a packsaddle [quot.: a1500]; fig. ful ~, full store, prosperity.
(a) In cpds.: ~ cloth, a coarse cloth, of hemp or other material, for wrapping bundles; a piece of such cloth; also, stuffed or quilted cotton cloth [quot.: a1500]; ~ hors, a pack horse; ~ nedle, a large needle for sewing up bundles, stitching together pieces of sails, etc.; ~ prike, ?a pin for fastening bundles; ~ sadel, a packsaddle; ~ thred, strong thread for tying or sewing up bundles, fishing, measuring distances, retrieving hawks, binding splints to broken limbs, etc.; (b) in surnames, nicknames, and place names.
(a) An assemblage of people, gods, etc.; a company, band; a large number, multitude; an army, host; al the ~, the whole company, all of them (you, us); ~ armed, an armed band; ~ out of number, a multitude; of ech a ~, of every company; (b) as a collective term referring to objects, animals, etc.
?The bulk or thick part of a fish liver.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1336-7) *Acc.Exch.K.R. [OD col.]19/31 m.5 : In packenedoles emptis ad dictum velum cum eisdem cusandis. ij.d.
Note: This appears to be the same passage quoted under sense 3.(a), but transcribed slightly differently.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc. (sense 3.(a)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. packthread.