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ō̆n-hē̆d(e n.
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(a) Unity, oneness, singularity; also, the number one, unity; in ~, as one, as a single person or entity [quot.: Cleanness]; single of ~, simple in nature; (b) theol. unity of being or essence in the Trinity; (c) primacy of authority, supremacy.
(a) Accord, concord, agreement, unanimity; ~ of brotherhede (love, pes, spirit, treuth, wille); ~ in bileve; ~ and accord; dere ~, unity in charity; ~ of wit, uniformity of understanding; (b) theol. the hypostatic union of the human and divine natures of Christ; (c) union; esp. mystical union with God; also, the union of body and soul [quot.: c1450(1410)]; (d) community, communion; (e) physiol. integrity of the body or of the substance of the body.
(a) Solitude, isolation; (b) wilderness, desert.