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offī̆cē̆r n.
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(a) A servant; a retainer engaged in domestic service in a great household; an official at court; (b) a servant of Christ, Satan, etc.; an agent, a minister.
(a) A person occupying an official post granted by the king; a high official in the government; an administrator governing a province, district, etc.; a senior administrator of the law; a person of importance in the state; (b) an elected or appointed official of a town, university, or gild; a minor law official; also, a subordinate of an official; execucioun of officeres, a group of minor law officials; (c) an ecclesiastical official; a person holding an official post in an ecclesiastical community; an ecclesiastical law officer.
(a) An officer in charge of jousts or tournaments; ~ of armes; (b) a military retainer, soldier; an officer in a legion.