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nō-thing pron.
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Nothing; also, nobody: (a) as the unmodified subject of a finite verb or as a predicate nominative; (b) as direct object; niten ~ her-of, to know nothing about this; setten ~ bi (of), care nothing about (sb. or sth., the indigent); taken ~ ther-of, take none of it; (c) modified by a clause beginning with that, the pron. rel., or which; (d) restricted by an of-or o- phrase: nothing of, none of; binimen ~ of, to take nothing from (sth.); ~ of might, nothing as regards might; ~ of tariinge, no delay; (e) ~ but, ~ (elles) but (onli, ~ save, nothing but, only; ~ elles, nothing else; (f) in comparisons: ~ so (swete, muche, etc.), nothing so (sweet, much, etc.); (g) modified by miscellaneous adjectival constructions.
In phrases: (a) for ~, not for anything, not at all; for ~ but, for no reason except; (b) with ~, by no means, in no way; (c) in ~, in nothing; of ~, about nothing, concerning nothing; (d) as ~, as if nothing; (e) setten bi ~, to care about nothing.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1400 Apoc.(2) (Hrl 171)19/2 : For þou seist þat þou art riche & nedist no þing, and þou woost not þat þou art a wretche, & pore, & blynd, & nakid.
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