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muchel adv.
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Modifying a verb: (a) much, greatly; deeply; at length, extensively; to a considerable degree or extent; (b) as ~, also ~; as much, so much; insomuch, to such a degree or extent; as ~ as; as ~ as..as ~, insomuch as..to that extent; as so ~, insofar; so ~, as much, so much; insofar, to such a degree or extent; so ~ so, so ~ as; [cp. muchel n. 2b. (a), (b), (c); also, in as muche as & in so muche]; (c) ful ~, by very far, to a very large extent; hou ~, how much, to what extent; hou ~ that so ever, however far; never so ~, no matter how much; thus ~, to this extent; to ~, excessively, inordinately.
Modifying an adj.: much, very, extremely; ~ lik, very similar; the ~, the more (recalcitrant); to ~, excessively.
Modifying a comp. adj.: (a) far, much; (b) with the: ~ the balleder, much more bald; -- used iron.; ~ the harder (more), accordingly much harder (greater); harder (greater) by that much; so ~ the werse, that much worse, so much the worse.
Modifying a comp. adv.: (a) much; ~ biforen, long before; ~ er biforen, very long beforehand; so ~ swithor, as much sooner; so ~ werse, so much worse; accordingly much (sooner, worse); so ~..so ~, the more..so much the more; (b) with the: ~ (a) the bettre (lesse, more, wodlier, etc.) better (less, more, madder, etc.) by that much; accordingly much better (less, more, madder, etc.).
Modifying an inf. or a ppl.: very, highly, much, greatly; ~ lavande, hugely surging; ~ spekand, loquacious, talkative; to ~, inordinately.
Modifying a prep. phrase: considerably, much; continually, often.