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mọ̄t n.(3)
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(a) A meeting; an assembly, especially for legal purposes or for settling accounts, a judicial council; also fig.; the aueful (muchel) ~, the Last Judgment; (b) folkes ~ [see folk 2. (e)]; ~ belle, an alarm bell rung to summon the community; ~ fe, a payment associated with the sheriff's tourn or meetings of the hundred; ~ horn, a horn used to call an assembly; ~ hous, a council house; senate chamber; ~ silver, a payment due on a sulung of land in Kent; iwitene ~, a council of nobles; (c) in surnames and place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.44].
(a) A disputation, debate, an argument; also, an exchange of words, a discussion; holden ~, to argue; nimen ~, plead (for sb.); (b) argumentation, disputing, reasoning; an argument, a reason; also, a legal plea, judicial cause; meven ~, to advance an argument; meven of ~, consider (someone's) argument; (c) a hostile encounter, conflict, struggle.