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mọ̄n(e n.(1)
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(a) The moon as a luminous heavenly body; the seventh 'planet' of Ptolemaic astronomy, the planet of the sphere nearest the earth; (b) the moon as the cosmological divider between the earth and the heavens; aboven the ~, in the heavens, fig. too highly; an-under ~, under (the) ~, under the cercle of the ~, on earth, in the world, in existence; cercle of the ~, the sphere of the moon; from the moon, toward the higher heavens; (c) the moon in phases and eclipses; eclipse of the ~, ful ~, old ~, etc.; thre-night-old ~, moon three nights after new moon; i)waniende ~, the waning moon; neue ~, the new moon; in the crok of the ~, while the moon is crescent; (d) the moon as used for calculation in navigation and astronomy; the course and position of the moon; equacioun of ~, the finding of the position in the zodiac of (one's) moon [see equacioun]; (e) moonlight; (f) ~ risinge, the rising of the moon; ~ shine, moonlight; ~ tre, a fabulous tree.
(a) The moon as a means of measuring time; month of the ~, the time required for the moon to pass through all of the signs of the zodiac; also, one complete lunation; yer of the ~, one passage of the moon through the zodiac [cp. month of the ~]; also, the time required for twelve lunations; on bothe half the ~, ?both before and after the full moon; (b) as giving its name to a day of the week; Mone-dai, q.v.; (c) a lunar month; also, a calendar month; lammasse ~, August; springe of ~, the beginning of a month; winter ~, a winter month; ?midwinter month, December; (d) Monday; ~ morwe, Monday morning; ~ night, the eve of Monday, Sunday night.
(a) A picture or image of the moon; (b) the moon as used in descriptions of moon-shaped objects; after a ~ shap, ishapen as a neue ~, like a (the) ~, like to the ~, the (a) marke of the ~, the shap of a (the) ~.
(a) The moon as an image of greater or lesser brightness, fairness, clearness, purity; as a symbol of, or influence on, chastity; (b) as an image of inconstancy, variation, or decline; (c) as an image of constancy or stable adherence to divine law; (d) as an element in oaths; bi him that made (bothe) sonne and ~, bi the sonne and bi the ~; etc.; (e) as an object of pagan worship; (f) as an image of Christ's humanity.
(a) The moon in Biblical tradition; the middle of a ~, a full moon; mirke ~, dark moon; (b) in folklore.
The moon as an influence in earthly affairs: (a) as controlling the sea, water, moisture, etc.; (b) as a means of predicting events, determining lucky and unlucky days, etc.; as a source of omens and portents; (c) anat.; (d) astron. & astrol. mones hous, sign of the zodiac in which the moon has greatest influence; mones exaltacioun (mansioun) [see exaltacioun 1., mansioun 4.]; bente ~, the crescent moon; (e) med. & surg.
Alch. Silver; ~ purged, refined silver.
In place name [see Smith PNElem. 2.42].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1424) Doc.Brewer in Bk.Lond.E.184/1363 : John of lynne, atte iij moonnes beside þe stokkes, j barell.
  • Note: New sense in name of an alehouse.
  • c1475(a1449) Lydg.JHare (LdMisc 683)47 : With his wynnyng is he maketh his offryng, At the ale stakes, sittyng ageyn the moon, Out of a cuppe to plukke out the lynyng.
  • Note: New phrase
    Note: Phrase prob. means to sit in the light of the moon, i.e., sit up late at night or to all hours. Check ayēn prep. before deciding.--per REL
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)13 : Yif ye Ride in the Doowns and will go into Sandwiche haven, Rere it by turnyng wynde at an est south of the moone.
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)13 : Yif ye be bounde to Caleis haven and Ride in the Doowns, and the wynde be west south west, ye must Rere at a North north est moone and gete you into your merkis.
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)14 : From Seint Elenes to Chakkeshorde is half tide, and a south moone makith high watir within Wiet.
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)14 : All the havens be full at a west south west moone betwene the Start and Lisart.
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)15 : A man that ridith in the way of odierene at an ankre, he may begyn to rere at an est southest moone for to turne.
  • ?c1475 Direct.Sailing in Hak.Soc.79 (Lnsd 285)15 : A south west mone makith hiest watir by the see coste.
  • Note: New sense

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500(a1350) MS Peterh.210 in Wenzel ME Lexicon (Peterh 210)469 : [Avarice is like a stone called] silentes [read: selenites], et potest anglice dici Moonstone.
Note: New compound ~ stone, 'any of various milky, pearly, or opalescent varieties of albite and other minerals [etc.]' (OED).