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mark(e n.(1)
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(a) The boundary or limit of a field, mountain, forest, etc.; a border between countries or regions; the shore or bank of a sea or river; ~ wei [OE mearc-weg], a road that serves as a boundary; flod markes, seashores, riverbanks; lond(es ~ [see also lond 2. (d)]; (b) that which marks a boundary or limit; a boundary stone, pillar, or post; ~ ston; also, a location that serves as boundary marker; setten ~, to erect or place a boundary marker; (c) a marker that indicates the location of something, direction of a road, a voyage, or trail of a hunted animal; a landmark; (d) one of the posts by which the path of the accused is designated in a trial by ordeal; (e) a gravestone; monument; (f) a bookmark.
(a) A limitation set for an action, condition, profession, etc.; (b) ?the end of an action or condition; (c) the end of a period of time; middel ~, ?the end of middle age, ?middle age.
(a) ?The land or area within certain boundaries; ?region or country; ?a territory; (b) an appointed or chosen place for meeting; (c) astron. the orbit of a planet; ?also, the location of a star in the firmament; ?a point or position in the ecliptic of the sun; ~ of the mid dai, the position in the ecliptic that the sun reaches at midday.
(a) A mark made on a surface to indicate position; (b) measure; a measurement; taken ~, to make measurements; taken ~ of, measure (sth.); also, a unit of measurement, grade [quot. ?a1425]; at the leste ~, at least.
(a) The trademark of a craftsman or tradesman set on products, merchandise, and the like for purposes of identification and guarantee of quality; the stamp certifying official approval as regards the weight or measurement of merchandise; the stamp on a coin; buter ~ [see buter(e 1. (d)]; couperes ~ [see couper(e 1. (c)]; (b) the badge or insignia of a sovereign or lord; a personal or familial badge stamped on vessels, flatware, etc.; (c) the distinguishing mark of ownership on the bill of a swan; a brand on an animal; also fig.; dethes ~, a mortal wound; (d) seal; confirmation; also fig. a constraint (on someone's lips); setten ~, to affix one's seal to an agreement or covenant, ratify; setten ~ of, confirm (sth.); (e) a written symbol such as an asterisk, letter, or character; a musical note [quot.: c1450].
(a) A mark printed on a person by a dominant planet at the time of conception or birth; a birthmark; kinges ~, [see king 1b. (a)]; also, a distinguishing mark on an animal; (b) a tattoo mark on a person indicating mourning; (c) a miraculous mark impressed by Christ on a bodily part of a saint; pl. the stigmata; (d) a stamp or mark made on a person for purpose of identification; specif. one made by God, Christ, Antichrist, or the Beast of the Apocalypse; (e) theol. the 'character' which is conferred by God and imprinted on the soul at baptism or confirmation.
(a) The trace left by the current of a river; an imprint made by teeth; pl. the tracks of an animal; (b) a depression in a horse's incisor as an indicator of the animal's age; (c) a scar; med. a pathological scar resulting from ulcers, pustules, etc.; coll. marks of the wounds in Christ's hands at Crucifixion; fig. the stain left by Original Sin; (d) a reminder; the result or consequence of a person's action.
(a) The target at which an arrow or weapon is aimed; failen of ~, to miss the target; hitten the ~, hit the target; maken ~ of, aim at (sth.); maken of ~, make (sb.) be the target; ~ arwe, an arrow used in target practice; ~ shot, the distance between two butts at the two ends of an archery range; (b) to (unto) the ~, precisely, accurately; (c) that which marks the finishing point of a race; (d) goal, objective; purpose; failen (missen) of ~, to fail to accomplish (one's) goal or objective; setten ~, establish (one's) goal.
(a) That which serves as symbol or indicator of a condition, emotion, etc.; outward sign, token; (b) the tonsure as the symbol of priesthood; ~ of clergi (coroune, holi chirche), cristes (godes) ~; (c) one who serves as a symbol of sth.; (d) a signal in communication; (e) a standard, banner; here ~ [see here 3. (b)]; (f) the sign of the Cross made in blessing, baptism, etc.; ~ of the crois (mighti rode); rode ~, q.v.; (g) a figure or likeness of someone or something; coll. those who bear likeness to someone.
(a) One of the distinctive features of a class or group, of an action, etc.; (b) character, nature; of the ~, ?by nature.
(a) Notice, observation; heed; setten ~ at, to focus (one's) attention on (sb.); taken marke(s, take note, beware; taken ~ of, observe (sb.); consider (sth.); (b) knowledge; comprehension; haven marke(s of, ?to comprehend (sb.); understand (sth.).
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.37].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1500 Hrl.2252 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2252) 74/32 : Wete þe ende of thy pensell in þi mowþe and therewith towche thy golde þat þu haste cutte by a marke [Add 21431: nooke; BodEMus 52: corner] softlye and ley hyt lyghtly on thy syse.
  • Note: Glossary: "marke n. 'edge, corner'."
    Note: ?New sense.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. mark.