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līǒun n.(1)
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(a) A lion; (b) in comparisons: fers (hardi, wod) as ~; cruel (real, sterne) as a ~; strongere than a ~; proudere (wildere) than the ~; etc.; (c) in phrases: fers (gredi, grim, lothli, wilde, wod) ~; ~ fers (hardi); roringe ~; ~..king of bestes; ~ of cotteswold, a sheep; ~ in halle, one who is courageous in safe places; (d) liounes flesh [OE lēon-flǣsc], the flesh of a lion; ~ ilinde, lion's fat; ~ mouth, lion's mouth; (e) ~ whelp (ketling), liounes whelp [OE lēon-hwelp], a lion cub; (f) pride of liounes, a group of lions; (g) bok of the ~, Machaut's Le Dit du Lion or Chaucer's translation of it.
(a) A representation of a lion in painting, sculpture, engraving, embroidery, etc.; (b) her. the figure of a lion on a shield, badge, banner, etc.
(a) The lion as a type or as a symbol of Christ, St. Mark, a good man, pride or a proud man, the Devil; ~ of helle, helle ~, the Devil; (b) a fierce or cruel person; mouth of the ~, liounes mouth, deadly peril; pleien the ~, to fight savagely; (c) in proverbs and sayings.
(a) Astron. & astrol. The constellation Leo, the zodiacal sign; signe (tokeninge) of the ~; (b) alch. grene ~, ~ grene, sophic mercury [see grene adj. 5. (b)].
In plant names: liounes fot, fot de ~ [OE lēon-fōt], a plant with leaves or flowers resembling a lion's foot; ?lion's leaf Leontice leontopetalum, ?lady's mantle Alchemila pratensis; liounes toth, the dandelion Taraxacum officinale; dent-de-~, q.v.
As surname; also, as name of a ship.