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ac conj.
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Definitions (Senses and Subsenses)

Used between contrasting expressions: but, yet, however, nevertheless; -- (a) between clauses; (b) as an introductory expression.
Used after a negative statement: on the contrary, but rather, but; -- (a) followed by an indep. cl.; (b) followed by a word or phr.
(a) Used to make an exception to a statement: except, except that, but, but that; (b) to limit or narrow a statement: but, but only; (c) to express a concession: although, but; (d) nought one..~, not only..but also.
Used with very weak adversative meaning, or none at all: moreover, yet, and, also; -- (a) followed by indep. cl.; (b) followed by phr.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1200 Wor.Serm.in EGSt.7 (Wor Q.29)11 : Ach þurch his milde vuille he us alesede.
  • c1275 Ken.Serm.(LdMisc 471)217/87 : Hac hye spac to þo Serganz.
  • Note: New spelling