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hōlī adj.(2)
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Divine, sacred, to be revered or worshiped: (a) of God, Christ, the Trinity; ~ fader (god, lord), God; ~ barn, the Christ Child; ~ trinite (thrilihod, thrimnesse), the Holy Trinity; (b) of a pagan god or demigod.
(a) Of parts or attributes of God or Christ: belonging to the Deity, divine; (b) of places: belonging to or containing God; ~ hille (heven, hom, lond), the kingdom of heaven; paradise; ~ sepulcre; (c) belonging to a pagan god.
(a) Emanating from God, relating to God or members of the Trinity, divine; (b) ~ bok, a sacred book, a Christian writing; a book of the Bible; also, the Koran; ~ cristes bok, ~ evaungel (gospel), a Gospel, the Gospels; ~ scripture, the Bible; (c) of events or actions: experienced by Christ.
Of religion, belief, the Church, laws, doctrines, sacraments, etc.: instituted by God, of divine origin; ~ moder, the Church; ~ laue, the Christian religion; also, a Moslem doctrine.
(a) Of places or buildings: dedicated to God's service, consecrated, hallowed; empire of ~ rome, the Holy Roman Empire; ~ erthe, consecrated ground; ~ hous, a religious house, a church, monastery, etc.; ~ place, a religious house; also, a refuge; (b) ~ chirche, a church; (c) ~ hous (place), the temple in Jerusalem; (d) ~ place (temple), a pagan temple.
(a) Of religious festivals, seasons, days: dedicated to Christian worship, hallowed, holy: ~ dai [see hali-dai]; (b) of things, sounds: used in or originating from divine service or ceremonies, sacred; (c) of things: dedicated for use in the Hebrew temple or the tabernacle; (d) of things: used in a pagan temple.
(a) Of angels, martyrs, prophets, saints in heaven, etc.: blessed, beatified; -- also used of their bodies and souls; ~ moder, the Virgin Mary; (b) of persons or their hearts: pious, holy, sinless; ~ blod, the relatives of a holy man; ~ liver, a celibate; (c) of persons, kindred, a school: noble, worthy; (d) in titles: ~ fader, the pope, an archbishop; ~ apostoile, most ~ fader, ~ pope, the pope.
(a) Of a relic, a pardon: blessed; (b) of life, speech, an action, faith, love, a virtue, knowledge, etc.: pious, holy; ~ name, a reputation for piety; (c) of monastic life, clerical status: devoted to piety; (d) of things, places, efficacy: noble, excellent.
In combs.: (a) ~ bon, the sacrum; ~ burgh (cite), Jerusalem; ~ cake (lof) = holi bred, q.v.; ~ eve(n, the day or evening before a festival or holy day; ~ fir, a disease [see fir n. 11.]; ~ lond, Palestine; (b) ~ mondai, ?Hock Monday, the second Monday after Easter; ~ night, the night before a feast day; ~ rift (raft, ref), a nun's veil [OE hālig-rift]; ~ tide, a holy season.
In plant names: ~ malwe, ?vervain mallow (Malva alcea); ~ rop, wild hemp (Eupatorium cannabinum).
In surnames and place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.216, 224-5].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1300 Add.15236 Gloss.(1) (Add 15236)111/93 : Febrifuga: gallice, feutherefoy; anglice, holywort.
  • Note: Add. cpd. for 5b.
    Note: DMLBS febrifuga: feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium)

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc. (sense 5a.(a)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. holy bone.