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heu n.
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(a) Color; also, brightness or freshness of color; of on ~, in solid color(s; clothen in ~, to take (a lady's) colors, become her servant; (b) paint, dye, pigment; fig. a rhetorical color; (c) fig. clarity of reputation, brightness of fame.
(a) Color of the face, complexion; also, the face, features; color of the body; -- also pl.; ikindelich ~, natural or healthy color; (b) hide and ~, skin and complexion, skin and face; also, entirely, in every way; bi ~ ne bi hide, not at all; ~ and hide, ~ hide and her, etc.; (c) chaungen ~, to change color because of emotion or pain; blush, blanch, etc.; change (one's) color; fig. of soil: become bloodstained; ~ chaungen, of one's color: change; also fig.
(a) Form, shape, physical appearance, outward appearance; (b) facial expression, demeanor; (c) guise; (d) a phantom, apparition.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.85ra (2.14) : Vnderstond þat os Gilbert seiþ, 'vnctuositas sanguinis, splendor sanguinis, color sanguinis,' and 'flos sanguinis' (anglice: vnctuosite of þe blode, bryghtnes of þe blode, colour of þe blod, and flour or elles hewh of þe blode) ar al on.
Note: New spelling: hewh.