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hẹ̄r adv.
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(a) In this place, here; in this country; (b) ~ at hom, in this home; ~ on lond, in this country; ~..~, ~..ther, in this place..in that place, here..there; (c) to this place, hither; ~ or ther, this way or that; nou ~ nou ther, now this way, now that.
With implied verb or subject and verb: (a) here I am; (b) here is.
(a) In that place, there; (b)?from this place, hence.
(a) At this place in a chronicle; at this point in a book, poem, sermon, etc.; at this point in daily devotions; ~ on this time, ~ on this yer; (b) in this book, here; ~ o this bok; (c) in this matter, concerning this; in this story or passage; from this fact, circumstance, passage, or story; holden on ~, to obey this; (d) used in charters and legal documents:?at this point in the document, ?at this place geographically [cp. 1a. (a)].
(a) In this life, here on earth; (b) ~ on (in, upon) erthe, ~ on (in) lif, ~ on world, in this world ~, etc., here on earth, in this life.
(a) At this time, now; ~ and nou, nou and ~, here and now, this instant; right ~, right now, on the spot; (b) at that time, on that occasion, then; ~..~, now..then.
In phrases: (a) ~ and ther (yonder), in this place and in that place, here and there; (b) ~ and ther, ~ and ~, ~ and yonder, everywhere; (c) ~ and ther (yonder), this way and that way, hither and thither.
Her and ther: (a) in this life and in the hereafter; (b) on both sides; (c) now and then; (d) of this and that, in this manner and that.
In phrases, with weakened or modified meaning: (a) ~ ben, here is (are), there is (are, was); this is, these are; (b) ~ comen, here come(s, there came; here is (am); (c) have ~, take now, take; I offer, I pledge; (d) haven ~, ~ haven, to have (sth.) with one, to have; (e) lo ~, lok ~, lo here, see here, behold, see; (f) this man ~, this man; mi lord ~, my lord; us ~, us; in this ~, in this place; out of this ~, out of this place; etc.
In cpds. and combs.: (a) ~ being(e, life on earth; ?also, a dwelling in, sojourn in; ~ biwist, ~ living, ~ woninge, life on earth; (b) ~ above(n, previously in a discourse, above in a book; ~ among, included among these things; ~ as, where; ~ boven, above this place; ~ enclosed, enclosed herein; ~ forbi, past this place; ~ onoven, hereafter; ~ outer, outside of this place; ~ over, besides, furthermore; ~ toward, hitherto; ~ umbe, concerning this, about this; ~ yet, here still, even here; from ~ ward, away from this place.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1121 Peterb.Chron.(LdMisc 636)an.852 : Her was wið se cining Burhred and Ceolred arceb., [etc.].
  • Note: New sense: ?meeting (of minds) here (on this point).