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grīnden v.(1)
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(a) To break (sth.) into small particles; reduce (sth.) to powder by crushing or braying; ~ smal, ~ to dust (poudre); of gravel: break into small pieces, crumble; ppl. grounden, pulverized, ground; (b) to grind (grain or sth. comparable to it); ~ to dust (mele); produce (meal, flour) by grinding; of persons, the mill: grind grain, make flour; ~ at miln (querne); also fig.; --often in proverbs; (c) to grind (meat, poultry), chop; mash (fruits); ?also, soften (sth.); (d) to mix (ingredients, colors) by stamping or grinding; ~ smal; ~ ifere (togeder); -- with or without obj.; ppl. grounden, of a sauce, etc.: mixed, blended; (e) fig. to crush (the heart), distress; ~ face of, to oppress (sb.), harass.
(a) To chew, masticate, eat, gnaw; chew (sth.), gnaw on; fig. consume (wealth); (b) to grind (one's teeth, tusks), gnash; ~ with teth; (c) ~ speche, to speak haltingly, chew (one's) words; (d) to cut, pierce; ~ into (thurgh), bite into (sth.), pierce or cut through.
(a) To sharpen (tools, weapons); ppl. grounden, of weapons, their points, or the steel of their edges: sharpened; whetted;(b) ?to burnish (metal, a sword); (c) fig. to incite (sb.), urge.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1500 Tan.407 Artist.Recipes (Tan 407) 313/28 : Forto make reed ynkke, take vermelyon and gryn it with gleyer and temper it.
  • Note: New spelling (lacking final d).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 When gonewey (Pep 1236)p.317 : When goneway shall on curtays call..Then Albeon skottlonde shall to hem fall..The rede Irlonde [Robbins reads: rede londe] fox shall ryse with all With glayvys [Robbins reads: glaringe] grounde.
Note: MED has corrected Robbins' readings against Dean's edition. So revised, the example evidently belongs to sense 3.(a), where it is needed for date.