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governaunce n.
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(a) Government or rule over a country, the Church, etc.; authority or power to rule; also, method or manner of governing; haven (holden) ~ of, haven ~ in, to hold the ruling authority over (a country, etc.); setten in ~, put (a country) under the rule (of sb.); (b) the state of being governed; good or stable government; setten ~ in, setten in ~, to establish (good) government in (a country, etc.); (c) period or term of government.
(a) Command of an armed force, a military undertaking, a fleet of ships; (b) military order or array.
(a) Administrative control, administration, custody; management of a household, legacy, transaction, etc.; (b) a directive for administration.
(a) Controlling or determining influence over events, circumstances, etc.; (b) astrological influence or domination; (c) control by one bodily part or function of another.
(a) Personal control or authority over another or others; protective guidance, keeping, or care; subjection, guardianship, tutelage; at ~, in ~, under ~, under (one's, another's) control, guidance, etc.; (b) ?agency of personal authority or guidance.
(a) Control over one's own actions or practices; moral discipline; self-discipline, self-control; (b) conduct, behavior, demeanor; actions, business; way of life; (c) a particular mode of conduct; a practice, deed, action.
(a) Regulation of a mechanical contrivance, control; (b) piloting of a ship.
(a) Med. A regimen prescribed for preserving or restoring health; also, a course of treatment; ~ of diete, dietary practice; stonden in god ~, to maintain a suitable regimen; (b) alch. a procedure.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (c1449) Pecock Repr.(Cmb Kk.4.26)159 : Goddis forbode that for ech folis folie stable gouernaunces weel takun of wise men ouȝten be chaungid.
  • Note: New sense
    Note: Sense 4.(c) is nearest, but this quot. seems to mean specifically 'an ordinance of the Church' which MED does not have. Other Pecock quots. in this sense are more general.--per MJW