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gōld n.
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(a) The metal gold; of ~, consisting of gold, made of gold; (b) gold and silver, etc.; (c) clene ~, cler ~, fin ~, pure gold, refined gold; parti ~, gold with considerable alloy; red ~, gold with a small alloy of copper to enhance its color; (d) beten (heuen) ~, gold hammered into a thin sheet or leaf; burned (burnished) ~, burnished gold; brend (brent, brennende) ~, gold refined by fire; also, burnished gold; yeten ~, poured gold, gold which is (or has been) molten; (e) in cpds. [some later quots. may have gold adj. with noun]: ~ fat, a golden vessel [OE gold-fæt]; ~ finer, a refiner of gold; ~ fretwe, gold ornaments [OE gold-frætwe]; ~ hoper, a maker of gold hoops or rings; -- only as surn.; ~ mestling, brass [OE gold-mæstling]; ~ ore, gold ore, gold metal [OE goldōra]; (f) fig. a precious thing; thildes ~, the gold of patience, etc.
(a) Gold as used in money; besaunt of ~, manke of ~, mark of ~, etc.; (b) gold money; also, money of any kind; (c) ~ and silver, money, wealth; for ~ ne silver, etc.; ~ and gersum (garisoun), money and treasure; Danes ~, Danegeld; (d) ~ hord, treasure [OE]; ~ hous, a treasury building.
(a) Gold thread, thread or fine wire of gold; also, silver thread gilded; embroidery or ornament made with such thread; ~ of Gene (Venise), gold thread (?or fabric) imported from Genoa (Venice); (b) cloth of gold; a garment of cloth of gold; ~ hemmed, bordered with cloth of gold; ~ of jacint, a blue or purple fabric interwoven with gold thread; (c) gold as a pigment, gold leaf used for writing, painting, or gilding; gold lettering; also fig.; ?some pigment resembling gold, ?gold leaf containing baser metals [quot.: FP]; (d) gold dishes, gold spurs; goldes, gold coins; (e) ~ beten, ornamented with gold; of armor, a chariot, sculpture:?inlaid with gold, ?gilded; of silk: embroidered or interwoven with gold thread; of a cushion:?embroidered with gold thread, ?covered with cloth of gold; ~ bigo(n, ~ breiden, ~ fou [OE goldfāg], ~ heu(en, ~ heuing, ornamented with gold; of weapons:?inlaid with gold, ?gilded; of clothing:?embroidered with gold thread, ?made of cloth of gold; ~ biloken, ~ ileired, of a shield:?rimmed with gold; ~ peinte, gilded; ~ woven, made with gold thread.
In phrases: (a) of ~, ornamented with gold, embroidered with gold thread, gilded, written in gold letters, having a fleece of gold; (b) cloth of ~, cloth of gold, a piece of cloth of gold, a garment of cloth of gold.
(a) The color of gold; something that has the color and glitter of gold; (b) ~ burned, shining like burnished gold; ~ tressed, golden haired; fig. of the sun or sunbeams: shining like gold.
Her. (a) The tincture gold or yellow in bearings, a coat of arms, etc.; or; (b) goldes, ?error for goules.
Alch. The metal of the sun, natural gold; also, the principle of gold-making; some kind of essence found in earth, the soul, etc.; ~ of alkami, gold artificially made from baser metals; ~ of the mine, ~ naturel, natural gold; leprous ~, lead; maken ~, to produce gold by alchemy.
In proverbs, etc.: al is not ~ that shineth, etc.; mid silvren stikke, etc., one digs gold with a silver stick, one gets rich by spending a little silver; when I woue gold in mi glove, a wooer must be free with his money.
In surnames & place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.205].

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. gold.