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glā̆den v.
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(a) To gladden (persons or creatures); make joyful, fill with joy or bliss; also, cheer (sb.), encourage, comfort; ben gladed of, be cheered by (sth.); (b) in pious asserverations and exclamations; (c) to relieve (sb. of distress).
(a) To cheer or comfort (the heart, soul, spirits, etc.); alleviate (sorrow); -- also without obj.; (b) of a medicine: to invigorate or revive (a part of the body); glading medicine; -- also without obj.; (c) ?to inspire (a song) with joy.
(a) To please (sb.) with entertainment; entertain, amuse; glading tale, an entertaining story; (b) to please or placate (God); esp. please (by specific action); (c) to congratulate (sb.) on his good fortune.
(a) To become pleased or delighted; be gladdened, take pleasure; cheer up, be comforted; be glad, rejoice; ~ bi, ~ for, be glad on account of (sth.); ~ in, ~ on, take pleasure or rejoice in (sth.); ~ of, take pleasure from (sth.); ~ with, find enjoyment with (sb.); also, be glad (that sth. is so), be glad (to do sth.); (b) refl.; (c) impers.
(a) To be joyful, feel joy; also, to manifest joy, rejoice, exult, make merry; (b) ppl. as noun: one who is joyful; (c) to exult in (sth.), praise, extol.
?To brighten (sth.), fill with light. [Cp. glad adj., sense 5.]