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girdel n.
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(a) A belt worn around the waist, used for fastening clothes or for carrying a sword, purse, etc.; (b) eken out ~, to stretch the belt, stuff one's belly; from ~ to hose, the excretory portion of the body; knitten ~, tie a knot in (one's) girdle; rechen up the ~, submit to fate, die; stif under ~, stout, valiant; underpicchen ~, pad out (one's) girdle, fill one's belly; yeven up the ~, submit (to sb.); (c) fig. chastity; also, the Virgin Mary; ~ of lecherie, lechery, Venus' girdle; (d) ~ maker, a maker of belts; ~ thred, thread for weaving or sewing belts.
(a) A necklace; a baldric; a belt about the neck or shoulders from which a shield is suspended; (b) a band wrapped about a plant; (c) anything which divides one part from another; the equinoctial; a body of land.
Med. & surg. (a) A belt or cincture used to cure hernia, hold medicines against the body, etc.; (b) a kind of ulcerated cancer.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. girdle.