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ǧinǧivere n.
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(a) The root of the plant Zingiber officinale or of a related species, ginger; poudre (of) ~, finely ground ginger; race (rote) of ~, a root of ginger; (b) grene ~, ~ vert, undried ginger preserved in syrup; whit ~, dried ginger, uncoated or scraped; ~ colombin (OF gingembre coulombin), ginger from Quilon (L Columbum) in India; ~ confit, preserved ginger; ~ gebeli, ~ madrean, ~ maydelyn, ~ valadyne (?cp. Med.It. gengiovo belledi), kinds of ginger; (c) a sauce seasoned with ginger; ~ sauce, sauce ~; (d) the plant yielding ginger; (e) as surname.