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gā̆vel n.(1)
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(a) Tribute; a tax, subsidy; (b) manorial or customary rent; ?also, a field rented for a customary service or payment; setten to ~, to let (property) out to rent; (c) in combs: burgable, ?a tax on dwellings, ? = burgh-bot; corn ~, a rent for land used for raising grain; ~ aker, a field rented for a customary service or payment; ~ bere (bord, corn, dong), barley (boards, grain, dung), or an equivalent in money, paid as rent; ~ erthe, plowing and sowing service as rent for arable land; ~ geld [OE gafol-gyld], gavel rent; -- also in surname; ~ hai, hay or mowing service as rent; ~ lond [OE gafol-land], land rented for a customary payment or service; ~ man, a tenant paying gavel, a villein; ~ mede, mowing service as rent; also, meadow land rented for pasture during part of the year; ~ marke, ?a payment for boundary hedging in lieu of hedging service; ~ ote, oats as rent; ~ peni, ?a borough rent or tax; ~ rip (rep), harvesting service as rent; ~ rod, ?a payment for fencing in lieu of fencing service; ~ sed, seed grain as rent; ~ sester, a customary tax or toll on each sester of beer sold; ~ swin, ?hogs paid as rent; ~ timber (werk), timber (labor service) as rent. [See also breche ~, brene ~, chese ~, hous ~, lond ~, mede ~, shon ~, smere ~, stede ~, strete ~, tanne ~, win ~, etc.]
(a) The lending of money at interest, usury; also, money lent at interest; also fig.; (b) interest for the use of money; yeven to ~, to lend (money) at interest.
In place names; ?also, as a field name [see Smith PNElem. 1.192 & cp. sense 1. (c)].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1451) MSS Beverley in HMC32 : They in Bordeux..sal not be put to no gabelellez, quatreinds, talage, nor..non othir custumes then has been had and used.
  • Note: New spelling
  • (1394) Inquis.Miscel.(PRO)6.24 : [Of every ship coming within the precinct of the manor they have had an anchorage-due called] yeveltol.
  • Note: Word has been glossed s.v. tol n.(1) 3. gavel toll, a fee for anchorage
    Note: New spelling
    Note: New cpd.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Moved sense 1.(c). def. '?also as a field name' to sense 3. along with quots (1312) EPNSoc.8 (Dev) 74: Gavelacre and [immed. following] (1355) Ibid. Gavylmede.--JL