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frainen v.
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(a) To inquire about or ask (something); (b) to ask (someone's name); (c) to inquire (about something or someone);--with of or after phrase; (d) to ask questions.
To ask (a question);--with indir. or dir. question.
(a) To ask (someone); (b) to inquire (of someone);--with of or at phrase; (c) to question (someone in court).
(a) To request or demand (something); (b) to request (someone to do something); also, to request (someone) to come.
To seek (adventure, battle), to quest; to seek a lady's favor; to look or search (for someone), to look (someone) up; also, to choose or desire [Pearl quot.].
To learn or find (something) out by inquiring; frainen tidinges, to get information by inquiring; frainen to witen, to inquire so as to find out, ask (for information).