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fọ̄t n.
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The bodily organ used in standing, walking, etc.: (a) the foot of a man; (b) the foot of a beast or bird; (c) the foot of a statue, a constellation; (d) hinder ~, hind foot; holwe of ~, the under side of the arch; lift ~, the left foot; right ~, the right foot; hole ~, webbed foot; cloven ~, holwe ~, sole of ~, on two fet, etc.
Anat. grete ~, the entire leg; litel ~, the foot and ankle.
Place for the foot: (a) the foot of a bed; (b) the foot of a grave; (c) on the lift ~, to the lower left and front; on the right ~, to the lower right and front.
The lowest part of something; that upon which something rests or is supported: (a) the base of a cliff, hill, tree, etc.; (b) the foundation or base of a bridge, pillar, wall, etc.; the lower end or butt of a timber;--also fig.; (c) the leg of a bench, chair, table, etc.; the part of a dish or utensil upon which it stands; (d) the lower end or side of a strip of cloth, a hanging, etc.; ?de fot mele, having the lower part of a mixture of colors [cf. melle]; (e) ~ of plough, a device attached to the beam of a plow to regulate the depth of the plowing, a plow-foot; (f) anat. the lower part of a bodily structure; also, the root of a pathological growth; (g) math. ~ of triangle, the base of a triangle; in plein ~, on a flat base, on a plane surface; (h) the sum of a column of figures, the total of an account; ~ of account.
(a) A footprint; (b) track, trail [see also feute n.]; also fig. folwen ~, to follow the example.
(a) Action of walking; plein to ~, level for walking; (b) ability or capacity for walking or running; (c) power to stand; cacchen ~, get a foothold, become established; geten ~, make headway; him failes the ~, he loses his footing, he stumbles.
(a) A linear measure of varying length [originally derived from the length of somebody's foot]; (b) large ~, a full foot; other half ~, one and one-half feet; Paules or Poules ~, a measurement equal to the length of Algar's foot carved on the base of a column in the old St. Paul's Cathedral of London; ~ standard, ~ of the standard, ~ assise, ~ of assise, a standard foot established by law and maintained by the king's officers.
(a) A square foot; ~ square, a square foot; (b) ~ of lond, the least bit of land; (c) a measure for boards; (d) a measure for stone.
(a) A distance of one foot, an extremely short distance; no ~, not a single foot; eche ~, every foot (of the journey); (b) the time required to travel one foot, an instant.
Of verse: a metrical foot.
A person; ech fot, each person, every one; non ~, never ~, no one, nobody.
In cpd. nouns & noun phrases: (a) ~ ache, fet ache, aching or soreness of the feet; (b) ~ adle, a disease of the foot, prob. gout; (c) ~ archer, an archer who fights on foot; (d) ~ ax, some kind of ax; (e) ~ brace, metal socket in which a mill spindle works; (f) ~ cloth, ornamented cloth laid over the back of a riding horse; (g) ~ coshin, a cushion placed in front of the chair as a rest for the feet; (h) ~ ern, part of a plow; (i) ~ geld, payment to the foresters for not mutilating the feet of a dog caught hunting in the forest; (j) ~ grene, fet gin, a trap or snare for the feet; (k) ~ lond, a strip of land one foot wide; (l) ~ mantel, a garment reaching down to the feet; (m) ~ merk, a mark or line beyond which the feet must not pass; (n) ~ mesure, measurement in feet; (o) ~ page, boy attendant, foot servant; (p) ~ pak, pack carried on a man's back; (q) ~ pas, ?narrow passageway, footpath; (r) ~ sceomele, footstool; (s) ~ shete, a cloth or rug spread out for someone to stand or sit upon while dressing or undressing; (t) ~ skin, a skin or hide placed under the feet, a rug; (u) ~ sole, sole of the foot; fet soles; (v) ~ some, an iron chain by which the yoke of the hindmost oxen was fastened to the plow; (w) ~ spur, a spur [for riding, or as a mark of knighthood]; (x) ~ stake, base, support; (y) ~ swule, swelling of the feet; (z) ~ trap, a trap or snare for the feet; (aa) ~ weascung, washing of the feet; (bb) ~ wei, footpath; ~ weir [see weir n.]; (cc) ~ welm, sole of the foot; (dd) ~ wound, a wound in the foot.
In cpd. adjs. & advs.: (a) ~ lame, crippled in the feet; also fig.; (b) ~ mel, divided off by feet, in feet; (c) ~ sid, reaching down to the feet; (d) ~ tempred, mixed by treading with the feet; (e) ~ thik, of the thickness of one foot.
In cpd. verbs: ~ fallen, to fall down (at someone's feet), bow down (to someone).
Phrases: (a) besides fet, at the feet (of a teacher); (b) croues ~, pattern of wrinkles at the corner of the eye; (c) dri ~, mid or with dri ~, without getting the feet wet, dry-shod; (d) evel ~, through mischance, unluckily; (e) fallen to (at, beforen) ~, to fall at the feet (of someone, in token of reverence, submission, or supplication);--also with personal obj. added; (f) ~ and hede, hede and fet, all of a person; from head to foot, all over; (g) ~ and hond, hand and foot; ~ ne hond, etc.; (h) ~ bi ~, side by side, together; also, step by step, slowly; ~ with ~, side by side, together; (i) ~ de lioun, lion's foot, a medicinal herb; (j) fro hede to ~, fro ~ to croun (nek), fro top to ~, all over the body, including all of the body; all over, completely; (k) holden ~, to keep up (with someone in walking); to stand one's ground; (l) knelen at (toforen) fet, to kneel at the feet (of someone, in token of submission or supplication); (m) liggen at ~, to lie at the feet (of someone, as a sign of submission or of admiration); (n) on (with) bare ~, barefoot; (o) on (in, of, to, upon) ~, walking, afoot; gon on ~, to walk; on hors and on ~, on horseback and afoot; (p) serven to ~ and hond, serven at ~ and knee, etc., to serve (someone) in all things, to wait upon hand and foot; (q) setten ~, to enter (a place); setten ~ to ground, to dismount or disembark; setten fet upon ground (on erthe), to run; (r) sheuen fet, to run away from (someone); (s) siker of ~, sure-footed; (t) sitten at ~, to sit at the feet (of someone, as a servant or as a pupil); (u) steppen mid ful ~, to walk boldly; (v) step on thi fet, hurry up; (w) taken lond under ~, taken (oneself) to ~, to begin walking; (x) treden under (with) ~, to tread upon (something); fig. to treat with contempt; (y) under ~, vanquished, overcome, in subjection; under his ~, subject to him; (z) wight of ~, of a ship: swift.
In proverbs and proverbial expressions; as fen of ~, as mud from the foot.
In oaths: Cristes ~, Godes ~.

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