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fō n.
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(a) One who, as an individual, hates or seeks to injure someone; enemy; hed fo, meste fo, chief enemy; (b) an opponent of God, an unbeliever, one who opposes Christianity; godes ~; (c) one who opposes a pagan deity, the Devil; a vice, etc.; an opponent.
A member of a hostile armed body in war, civil strife, or tournament; also coll.: an enemy nation or army.
(a) The Devil; the enemy of man's soul; Cristes ~, the Devil!; our alder ~, the common foe of mankind; our first ~, the original enemy of man; (b) an evil spirit or demon; also, an evil angel.
Of non-personal agents: (a) a spiritual enemy; one of the three foes of mankind (i.e., the World, the Flesh, the Devil); (b) a destructive force or condition, such as death, disease, sin, fear, ill-fortune; (c) of a planet in unfavorable position; (d) of a bird, food, etc.; nightes ~, the sun.
(a) dedli ~, mortal ~, a deadly enemy; familiar ~, homli ~, an enemy in one's own household; ful ~, an out-and-out foe; swete ~, unkind mistress; (b) frend and (or) fo; frend ne (nor, ner) fo, no one at all; (c) maken frend of fo, knowen frend from fo, etc.