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flēn v.(2)
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(a) To strip the skin from (a person, a part of someone's body); also, to tear the skin to shreds (by blows, scourging, etc.); to strip (the skin from the flesh); ~ of, to flay off (the skin); ~ out of skin, to flay (someone) completely; also fig.; (b) ~ quik, to skin (someone) alive, to strip off (the skin) while the victim lives; (c) ~ of berd, to remove (someone's) beard with the skin.
(a) Surg. To remove or peel back the skin from (part of the body); also, to expose (something) by cutting and drawing back the flesh; (b) to circumcise.
To break the skin or the mucous membrane of (a part of the body); abrade, bruise, excoriate; to tear or corrode (the skin).
(a) To remove the hide from (an animal, part of an animal), to skin; to peel back (an animal's skin); (b) fleing knif, a skinning knife.
To remove the rind.or hull of (something), to peel, to hull; ~ the flint, to skin a flint; ~ the rind, to reveal superficially.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475(?c1425) Avow.Arth.(Tay 9:French&Hale)111 : Ʒaw þar such him neuyr more: I sette my hed opon a store Butte-giffe he flaey ʒo alle fawre, Þat griselich geste!
  • Note: NF
    Note: Corrected to 'flaey' from 'slaey.' See note. Ed. ambiguous.