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fẹ̄rs adj.
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(a) Of persons: proud, lofty, noble; arrogant, haughty; bold, valiant; (b) bold (hardi, stern, stout) and ~, brave and fierce, stern and proud, strong and brave; ~ and fel (stout), brave and fierce, bold and strong; ~ and noble, proud and noble; ~ and prout (proud), proud and haughty, valiant and noble; heigh (noble, worthi) and ~, noble and proud; (c) in comparisons: ~ as a lioun (hert, unicorn), ferser than lioun (olifaunt); (d) as a personal name; (e) of a vow: arrogant, presumptuous.
(a) Of persons: ferocious, violent, cruel; wild, untamed; also, rash, impetuous; (b) of beasts: ferocious, savage; wild, untamed; also, brave; (c) of things, actions, qualities: violent, overpowering; dangerous, destructive; (d) of things: great, strong; of numbers: huge.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.67ra (2.9) : If a chylde beneþe 14 ȝere make citrin vryn, it seiþ..a continuel febre..Þe same vryn in on þat is colrik seiþ þat he is hoole & fers, for þat is þe kynde vryn of colrik complexioun.
Note: Additional quote. Editor's gloss: 'bold, fierce'. The phrase hoole & fers may represent a reanalysis of hol and fere, or may be an error. Cf. hole adj.(2), sense 1a.(b) and fere adj., sense 1.(b).