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fẹ̄ n.(2)
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Note: Cp. feffen.
(a) An estate in land or tenements held in heritable or perpetual tenure to a feudal superior or the crown; fe ferme, knight(es fe, lai fe; (b) a piece of land, or land and tenements, held by such tenure; also, a city [quot.: c1400]; (c) feudal obligation or vassalage undertaken with such tenure; taken a fe; (d) the tenure by which such an estate is held; of fe, in fe; (e) fe simple [AF fee simple; cp. AF fee pur, AL feodum simplex or purum], such tenure without limitation to any particular class of heirs; (f) fe taille [AF fee tail(l)é; cp. AL feodum talliatum], such tenure limited to some particular class of heirs.
Tenure or heritable right in an office of service to a feudal superior; fe simple or fe taille, with unentailed or entailed tenure in such an office; forester (fostere) of fe, a forester by heritable right.
(a) Remuneration or reward for service in office; also fig.; (b) remuneration other than wages for service in office; a perquisite of office.
A money payment or charge exacted for a license, special privilege, or legal conveyance of land; without(en fin or fe; maken fe, pay a fee.
(a) Payment for any kind of work or service; a wage or professional fee; (b) payment for admission to a gild.
(a) Something given or due as a share of spoils or as a reward or prize; (b) something given as offering or tribute to a superior.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)21108 : Ffele oþer contres, prouinces, and fes He gaf to oþer noble bachelers.
  • Note: Additional quote(s)
  • a1475 Godstow Reg.(Rwl B.408)102/3-5 : Aleyn graunted to the same abbesse that she..shold frely have the dunges and the men of the fee of the same abbesse, and cary them with ther owne cartis vpon ther owne demayne londe at ther wille and have ther resonable cariyng thurgh all the fee of the same Aleyn.
  • Note: Sense 1.(b) ?or (a). Need date in either case--per MJW