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fāce n.
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(a) The face of man in its general physical aspects; (b) the face of an animal; (c) the face (of Fortune); the (double) face (of Janus, Law).
Phrases: (a) biholden (loken, pouren) in (on) the face, seen the face, etc.; (b) turnen the face toward, fro(m; (c) kepen in face, meten in the face, putten (setten) the face ayenes, to confront hostilely; (d) in (the) face, to one's face, openly; (e) face to (with) face.
Of persons: (a) facial appearance or expression; bearing; beren god face; (b) facial or outward appearance as contrasted to some other reality; two faces in a hod, double-facedness, duplicity; (c) traits of personality, character; (d) a person as having certain traits, a personage or person.
The face as front; the forward part or front (of something): (a) folwen the face, to move directly ahead; (b) befor the face of, in advance of, ahead of, before; (c) with ful face, in a position directly facing (something), directly opposite.
(a) The faculty of vision; (b) range of vision; sight, presence; before the face of, in the sight or presence of, in front of; (c) the state or condition of being present; maken a face, shewen the face, to make, or put in, an appearance.
The surface (of the earth, the sea), the areal extent (of a city).
(a) External or outward appearance; superficial look or aspect (of something); (b) at (the) prime face, at first appearance, at first sight; also, at the beginning, at first; (c) shape, phase (of the moon); (d) likeness, image.
Astrol. One of the three parts of ten degrees into which each sign of the zodiac was divided.
Alch.?Elemental nature or character.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. face.