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ēster(n n.
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The church festival of Easter; Easter Sunday; the Easter season;-- usually without article.
(a) ester(en dai, Easter Sunday or Passover; (b) ~ eve(n, the day or the evening before Easter Sunday; (c) ester feste, Easter festival or celebration; (d) estern halidaies, the Easter season; (e) ester lomb, the paschal lamb; (f) ~ mondai; (g) ~ morn, ~ morwe; (h) ~ offering, the paschal sacrifice; (i) ~ quarter, the Easter, or spring, quarter of the year; (j) ~ saterdai; (k) ~ taper, a candle or taper used in church ceremonies at Easter; (1) ~ term, the church season of Easter, the spring quarter of the year; (m) ester(en tide, Easter, the Easter season; (n) ester-tide dai, Easter Sunday; (o) ~ time, the church season of Easter, the period from Easter to Whitsunday; (p) ester(en weke, ~ wike, ~ woke, the week beginning with Easter Sunday.
(a) ester of floures, Palm Sunday; (b) utas of ester, the octaves of Easter; the Sunday after Easter or the period of eight days beginning with Easter Sunday.